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What’s new? Lots of recent releases to dig into—from Toronto trumpeter Lina AllemanoDaniel Carter / William Parker / Leo Genovese / Francisco Mela for the first time, Matthew Shipp‘s re-release of em>Circular Temple, the trio of Mat ManeriJoëlle Léandre & Craig Taborn, Argentinean duo of bassist Nicolas Ojeda and pianist Germán Lema, Swedish quartet FLEN and Norwegian drummer Knut Kviste Nesheim, drummer Abbey Rader with Kidd Jordan, and the trio of Ivo PerelmanAruán Ortiz and Lester St. Louis. Lots of muscle for your ears.


  • Asher Gamedze «Can’t See The Sun» from Turbulence & Pulse (Intl. Anthem) 00:00
  • Asher Gamedze «Out Stepped Zim» from Turbulence & Pulse (Intl. Anthem) 05:01
  • Host speaks 11:33
  • Matthew Shipp Trio «Monk’s Nightmare» from Circular Temple (ESP-Disk) 14:07
  • Uroboro «Straight Up Ahead» from Mesmerised (Discus) 24:03
  • Sexmob «Hit The Dirt» from The Hard Way (Corbett & Dempsey) 30:29
  • Host speaks 35:40
  • Mat Maneri, Joelle Leandre & Craig Taborn «R» from HEAR-OES (Rogue Art) 36:47
  • Cristiano Calcagnile «Cherry On» from Multkulti Cherry On (Caligola) 44:02
  • Host speaks 57:43
  • Nicolas Ojeda & German Lema «TQP (Para Papa)» from Su Traza Y El Silencio (Ears&Eyes) 52:39
  • Jim Hobbs & The Fully Celebrated Orchestra «Ice On Fire» from Peace And Pig Grease (Silkheart) 58:18
  • Host speaks 1:08:10
  • John Dikeman «Comment» from Volume 2 (577 Records) 1:09:18
  • Mikko Innanen Trio «Accidental Calypso» from Music For Ukraine (We Jazz) 1:20:54
  • FLEN » losed Community» from Valkommen Till (Self-released) 1:26:50
  • :Host speaks 1:33:03
  • Abbey Rader Trio with Kidd Jordan «Anytime Anywhere» from Live At Subtropics (Abray Music) 1:35:02
  • Frans Vermeerssen Trio «Nativ» from The Trail (Try-Tone) 1:46:46
  • Host speaks 1:51:55
  • Knut Kvifte Nesheim & OJKOS «Taoe» from Graosido (Taragot Sounds) 1:53:25
  • Liba Villavechia Trio «Bypass» from Zaidin (Clean Feed) 2:00:21
  • Host speaks 2:06:35
  • Lina Allemano Four «Dragon Fruit» fromPipe Dream (Luma) 2:07:50
  • Petera Quintet «Six Steps Of Separation» from Wahza Algorytmo (Self-released) 2:16:00
  • Host speaks 2:20:54
  • Ivo Perelman, Aruan Ortiz & Lester St. Louis «Two» from Final Sequence (Mahakala Music) 2:22:02
  • Nicole Mitchell & Afrika Rising «Peaceful Village Town» from Afrika Rising (Dreamtime) 2:39:43
  • Host speaks 2:44:57
  • Daniel Carter, William Parker, Leo Genovese & Francisco Mela «Intertext Salute» from Shine Hear (577 Records) 2:46:26

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